Posted by: Andrew Pask | February 15, 2010

Women’s Memorial March

Women's Memorial March @ Carnegie

A crowd of several thousand people gathered in front of the Carnegie Centre for the 19th annual Women’s Memorial March.   The event honours the lives of missing and murdered women – not only in the Downtown Eastside but across the country.

According to the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre, 3000 women have gone missing or been murdered in Canada since the 1970s, more than 60 of them from the Downtown Eastside.  A disproportionate number are Aboriginal.

The 2010 march started under clear blue skies, beginning with the sound of drumming and song.  Walking north from Main and Hastings, elders and family members led a stream of participants to the foot of Alexander Street and then east into Gastown.  Some carried photos.  Others walked silently, holding hands.

At several points along the route the march halted temporarily, stopping to allow flowers to be placed on various memorials.  The smell of sage cleansed the air while other participants – in a crowd stretching back several blocks – slowly brought up the rear.

Heading south on Abbott, the parade turned onto Hastings, paused at Pigeon Park, and then carried on – returning to its starting point.

:: Photos from the Women’s Memorial March


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