Posted by: VPSN | February 22, 2010

Call for Contributions – PubliCity 3 – Play and Public Space

The next issue of PubliCity will be produced in spring 2010.  For this edition, we’ll be looking at the connection between ‘play’ and public space.  The idea of ‘play’ can be understood in all sorts of different ways and we’re looking for contributions that riff off of this.  For example:

  • Playing in Vancouver: no-fun city vs. Vancouver-is-awesomeness?
  • Play spaces – from playgrounds to street hockey to outdoor chess boards to ?;
  • Playful urban design/design that encourages play;
  • The ‘rules of the game’ – understanding conventions about play;
  • Street theatre, busking, performance artists… and others who play;
  • Reflections on the big “O”-lympics and their impact on Vancouver.

Writers: We’re looking for short articles, editorials, interviews and other examples of quality wordsmithing for our next issue of PubliCity.  If you’ve got some writerly chops, put them use with a crafty piece on Vancouver’s public space.

Artists and Visual People: Help us brighten PubliCity with your photographs, drawings, maps, and other graphic renderings.

Other stories/images: If you’d like to contribute but would prefer to be assigned a topic or write non-theme-related story please let us know.  We’ve got some important story angles we’re looking to get covered, and are looking for help in filing these pieces.  We’re also looking to supplement theme-connected stories with articles and images on other public space/urban affairs issues.

* * * * *

Want to submit to PubliCity? Please pitch your idea to the PubliCity editorial staff by sending a short synopsis of your proposed article/image.  Email PubliCity [at] with your ideas by Wednesday March 10, 2010.  If your pitch works for us, we’ll let you know by the end of the same week.  Complete submissions will be due by the end of March.

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