Posted by: Simon | March 3, 2010

Yaletown Park is finally getting it’s art!

As a part of Vancouver Biennale, Igor Mitoraj’s sculpture titled “Eros Bendato Scrippolato”  was installed on Thursday morning, March 4, 2010 in Yaletown Park.  Here’s what it looks like:


This unique space had been “vacant” so to speak  for almost 2 years, since opening in June 2008.  It hasn’t seen much use and even during the Olympics I noticed that usage was pretty sparse.  Only on that “crazy Saturday” — when the weather was gorgeous and people came downtown in droves — did I see that park  at just under capacity.  Still, it was missing that special something that would really draw people in, regardless of an international sporting event.

The sculpture looks amazing and I think it’s a perfect fit for Yaletown Park.  Once it’s installed, I think traffic and usage of the park will dramatically increase, bringing people out and together, sharing ideas or coffee, perpetuating that lively urban street life that we were all fortunate enough to have experienced just a short time ago.



  1. This is such a disturbing piece of art. It has brought all of us “down” by it’s death-like appearance. Not what a piece of public art should do. Unfortunately we work next to the park and must view it constantly or perhaps be viewed by it.

  2. Park?

    Parks have grass.

  3. This is the worst so-called park in Vancouver. What a joke.

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