Posted by: VPSN | March 30, 2010

April 1 – Fossil Fool’s Day Flashmob!

Earlier today we received a call out from an organizer with the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition. They’re plannign a flash-mob action for this Thursday and are looking to get the word out… and gain participants. 

Here’s the notice:

Let your leaders know how that you care about the tar sands and Canada’s inaction on Climate Change

The tar sands are the largest and most destructive industrial project on Earth. Its unfettered expansion is devastating the regional environment, threatening First Nations’ health and violating their treaty rights, endangering wildlife, and has become a climate nightmare as the leading contributor to climate change in Canada. The Tar Sands are the key reason Canada refuses to do its fair share to combat climate change. Canada’s international reputation is spoiled as we impact the lives of millions around the world suffering from the climate crisis.

With millions of people dying and being displaced by climate change around the world, the Tar Sands are effectively sentencing the world’s poor to death for a crime they never committed. Canada has a moral responsibility to keep fossil fuels in the ground and build the green economy our world wants and needs to see. Tar sands both deplete local water reserves and pollute the water supplies of nearby communities, causing rates of cancers and cardiovascular diseases to skyrocket.

This Thursday is Fossil Fools Day, an international day of action to hold dirty politicians and industries accountable for expanding fossil fuel industries that are destroying our planet and our communities. In Canada, the biggest Fossil Fool are Tar Sands investors, developer and political supporters.

We have some fun actions planned for Thursday, please take the morning off and get involved, It should be funnn!!! (If you can’t take the morning off, at least join us during your lunch hour outside RBC!)

Action #1

Let’s get as many people out to this fun flashmob as possible! Meet at VCC-Clark Skytrain Station at 11:00am dressed in scuba gear, snorkling masks, life jackets, swimsuits, and anything else undersea related, with signs reading, “Are you ready for climate change?” (or something of the like). Once you arrive you will receive business cards with some tidbits about the tarsands and some helpful links, which you can give out to passengers on the skytrain. We will ride the skytrain all the way to Burrard Station, which we should reach by about 12:00. At 12:15 we will march to the RBC headquarters at 1000-1025 West Georgia Street and at 12:30 we will perform, “the Swim” to protest RBC’s involvement with the tar sands.

We’re also currently looking for:

  • media people (anyone with a camera or video recorder who would like to record the event)
  • spokespeople (one or two people who would be comfortable explaining the action to the media)
  • sound system (Something to play “the Swim” – I’m pretty sure that even a boombox would work.)
  • participants! (please spread this email to all of your friends, clubs, and groups, and come out to the flashmob!)

Let’s take a few hours to have some fun and show the government that we care about the tar sands and will not tolerate Canada’s inaction on climate change! Let’s make our voices heard!

Check out the following link for more information on the RBC’s involvement with the tar sands.

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