Posted by: VPSN | April 15, 2010

Carrotmobs and coffee houses

coffeePhoto by Ladik

Coffee houses have always been cool social spaces.  But what about a bit of a nudge to help them on the sustainability front?

Here’s a cool initiative that our Greenspaces Coordinator Emily Jubenvill has been working on in her spare time.  It’s called Carrotmobbing — and it takes the idea of market-based advocacy to a very local level.  A particular ‘group’ of similar businesses are asked to commit to greening themselves.  The one that will commit the most gets a ‘mob’ of business.

The current Carrotmob focuses on five local cafes… and your vote helps to pick the one that gets mobbed!

Have you heard about the Carrotmob?! The quick and dirty version: we’re getting a big group of people together to “mob” a coffee shop coffee shop that will commit a percentage of its’ revenue from the mob day to going green.

BUT first we have to decide which coffee shop we should go to. There are five fantastic coffee shops that have bid between 90-110% of their revenue, and have different ideas on what they would use that money to do. We want you to have a chance to throw in your 2cents on which coffee shop has the best ideas, so we can mob the one with the most votes!

It’s super simple! TO VOTE go to:


There are short video interviews and descriptions of what each of the coffee shops is bidding! Check it out and pass it on!

For more information on Carrotmob, visit



  1. This is BRILLIANT – thanks for posting. I can’t wait to see this mob event happen in Vancouver!

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