Posted by: Simon | May 12, 2010

Grandview Park redesign controversy

In February, the Vancouver Parks Board approved the plan to redesign Grandview Park on Commercial Drive.  Please visit The Daily Gumboot for an interesting little piece outlining both sides of the story.

The redevelopment’s opposition group, dubbed Defend Grandview, has organized a block party on Saturday May 15 starting at 8:30pm in an effort to “reclaim the space.”  So I say check out the event, spend some time in the park, and judge for yourself to see if the upgrade is necessary.  If you can, post your thoughts in the comments section.

:: Read the Parks Board report on the Grandview Park redesign



  1. Yeah, it was great how they held the neighbourhood hostage. Throw a party that goes till 2am, and have the Black Bloc there. That way nobody can shut you down without risking a riot in a sleeping residential community. The Black Bloc didn’t riot exactly, but they messed shit up between 2 and 3. It was rad.

    The so-called “defenders of grandview” left a huge mess in the park. Trash every where, swings broken, garbage cans stolen, the washrooms covered in grafitti, and all because they oppose new grass and benches based on some paranoia that the poor will no longer be able to use the park due to the alleged wishes of a mysterious organization called the Friends of Grandview.

    So hated are they, that they are posting photos of homes they think might belong to them on their Facebook group, AND oddly enough, in the same group, they speak of how they will “help with the burning of much larger and more flammable items in the near future”. Real community builders they are:

    As for the mysterious Friends of Grandview, don’t bother googling. They have no presence. Mostly they’re a bunch of locals who pushed for the re-dev. They might be overly fixated on cleaning things up, they are on the front lines. When somebody gets a shitkicking, it’s these guys who usually have to call for help.

    They do seem a bit heavy handed, so I’ve started a facebook group that seeks to find a middle path. We want the reno, AND we want our community to remain inclusive. We hate that what should be viewed as a good thing for the community has become so divisive.

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