Posted by: VPSN | May 18, 2010

New pedestrian route picks up steam

pedestrian sign

Photo by Splorp

The VPSN’s Pedestrian Issues team has been working to advance matters of pedestrian safety and walkability throughout Vancouver. Earlier today, they also took the opportunity to provide a letter of support for another great initiative that launched downtown.

Alan Herbert is a former City Councillor and history buff who has developed a number of walking tours throughout the Vancouver. His most recent initaitive was recently featured in the Vancouver Courier is called “the Steam Line,” a two kilometre stroll past a variety of heritage sites.

The project was in front of City Council this afternoon seeking official endorsement, along with an allocation of some staff support for the initiative. This support would help to link up signage, street furniture and other supports for pedestrians en route. And it was to this end that Pedestrian Issues Co-Coordinator Mike Soron drafted a short letter providing the VPSN’s support as well. Here’s an excerpt of the text:

… Pedestrians are the keystone users of public space and this Council has shown genuine leadership in making Vancouver a more walkable city.

As Vancouver approaches its 125th Birthday in 2011 we are inspired by the shared and walkable streets of the city’s history. Our task today is to create a vibrant, walkable city that is informed by our past, but also an improved understanding of public health and safety and what makes cities green, prosperous and livable.

VPSN is writing to communicate our support for the “Steam Line” walking route to be discussed at the May 18, 2010 Council Meeting. As a means of travel and recreation, walking is inexpensive, healthy and responsible. By promoting walking through investment, programming and other support, Vancouver can lower our greenhouse gas emissions, reduce our dependency on fossil fuels and enable citizens to live healthier and more secure lives.

This project in particular will have current and future benefits for many Vancouverites: aging citizens and the young can enjoy safe, purposeful walking spaces and Canadians — new, aspiring, and old — can connect and contribute to our history.

Your favourable consideration of this motion would improve the quality and connectivity of Vancouver’s public space and is enthusiastically supported by the VPSN.
Thank you considering our comments and for your sustained attention to issues of walkability.



  1. Ads by Google?! This is the first time I’ve seen them on the VPSN blog, and it seems to contradict your stance against corporatization. I was under the impression your organization presented itself as an independent voice, unsullied by commercial interests (ads) or corporate control (Google). Please tell me that I’m wrong… I support what you do!

    • Hey Vincent,

      Thanks for the comment. We actually don’t want this sort of stuff on our site either. You’re the first person who mentioned it and we’re going to have to look into this, because the site presents itself as clean and ad-free to us. Where are the ads showing up for you? Anyone else having this problem?

      • They showed up on this post earlier, underneath the comments. I also noticed earlier today that an ad showed up on my WordPress blog too, where I hadn’t agreed to it. It’s not happening on either site now, so maybe its a bug, virus or nefarious test?

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