Posted by: Simon | June 3, 2010

Stick It to the Streets Event

How much music can be made with a pair of drumsticks and the street as the instrument? The Vancouver Public Space Network and friends will be descending on to Granville Street this June to Stick It to the Streets and find out. Bring your drumsticks, spoons, keys, and selves to join a crew of Vancouverites as they move through the city making music with the urban landscape. Will we expect impromptu drum battles? Spontaneous street dancing? Come down and see for yourself!


June 26, 2010 at 1:00pm


Meet in front of the Commodore at Granville and Smithe in downtown Vancouver. From there, we’ll slowly make our way towards Gastown.

What to bring:

Drumsticks! If you can bring extra sticks to share, even better!

Small percussion instruments are welcome: cowbells, agogo bells, tambourines, claves, shakers, sleigh bells, triangles, shekeres, maracas, body jewellery, finger cymbals, etc.

Anything that can make noise on the street: kitchen utensils, paint brushes, pencils, chopsticks, tap shoes, keys, etc. Be creative!

Please DON’T bring musical instruments (drums, horns, guitars) as we want to emphasize the use of the actual street as the instrument.

What to play:

Anything that is a part of public space — street furniture, lamp posts, sidewalks, garbage bins, newspaper boxes, manhole covers, utility boxes, bike racks, fences, parking meters, railings – you name it.

What NOT to play:
Private Property — cars, bikes, storefronts, windows, street vending carts, sandwich boards, anything delicate. Be smart and respectful.

Proclaim your attendance!  Check out the Facebook page!



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  2. Really looking forward to this… thanks for hosting… (((o))) weaver

  3. We loved this event – i/we hope you organize every year… here’s a video i posted on youtube – just one of the wonderful moments of that afternoon… thanks again! weaver (((o)))

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