Posted by: VPSN | June 15, 2010

Dunsmuir bike lane opens

DunsmuirBikeLaneOpenLots of cyclists on hand for the opening of the new Dunsmuir bike lane
Photo by Ken Ohrn, VACC

It’s official! The new separated bike lane on Dunsmuir Street is open for traffic — creating a great opportunity for car-wary cyclists to try biking into the heart of the city.

Up to this point, the city’s network of separated bike lanes has been more piecemeal – the success of the Seawall not finding much company on the network of ‘regular’ city streets. For some time Carrall Street was a lonely standout for separated lanes in the city. Then came the Burrard Bridge lane last year… followed by the Dunsmuir bike lane earlier this year. Now the City’s Engineering Department is pedaling ever closer to a linking all of these components together. With the Dunsmuir lane complete, the next candidate for lane separation is Burrard Street.

This is great news on the sustainable transportation front. It’s more than just a nice idea for being green — it’s pretty darn practical too. Better still, give it a whirl and you’ll see something else: it’s a mighty sweet ride!



  1. I find it a little ironic that the electronic road sign I saw today read “Dunsmuir Bike Trial In Effect. Expect Delays.” I would have figured that the city would put forward a more positive message, considering the reason for the lane. Something like “Dunsmuir Bike Trial in Effect. Get On Your Bikes!”

  2. I’m loving the improvement. Still it would be safer if the placed better way to make sure the traffic doesn’t turn right. As I was cycling on it, although their is 2 signs in intersection where cars shouldn’t turn right, they still manage to do it. Also, I have to note that the street is a one way for cars and reflect when going opposite to car traffic, you get red after red unless you sprint between each block.
    Hope this will help cycling in Vancouver and see a diminution in car traffic over the city.

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