Posted by: VPSN | June 18, 2010

City Council to debate capital budget allocations, funding for public space initiatives

This just in from the City of Vancouver – a press release concerning next Tuesday’s Council discussion around the capital budget.  There are a number of proposed expedintures connected with the city’s public spaces (parks, streets, libraries, sidewalks and so forth…).

The meeting takes places at 2:00pm in Council Chambers.  Here’s the agenda, as well as instructions on how you can participate in the discussion if you so choose.

Here’s the text:

Council to consider new project spending;
Planning process strengthens budget transparency

Vancouver City Council will be asked on Tuesday to consider a $460 million capital budget for 2010 that invests in affordable housing, safe and sustainable transportation upgrades, library improvements, arts and culture facilities and City parks and facilities.

The City’s capital budget provides funding for major investments such as roads, sewers, infrastructure construction or major repairs and the costs to finance those investments. The 2010 capital projects are part of the 2009-2011 Capital Plan framework.

Following Council direction from June 2009, the capital budget has been adjusted to bring greater oversight, a longer-term planning horizon and incorporation of all capital related programs regardless of funding source, such as the federal government’s infrastructure investments.

Proposed 2010 capital projects include:

  • $25 million for the purchase of land for future development of affordable and supportive housing outside the Downtown Eastside and the affordable housing component of the Southeast False Creek development;
  • $1.6 million to enhance arts and culture facilities and infrastructure;
  • $23.7 million for projects such as the renewal of Fraserview, Grandview and Norquay parks, structural repairs to the Stanley Park seawall, synthetic playing fields and a new running track plus repaving roads in Stanley and Queen Elizabeth parks;
  • $4.5 million that will in part be used to convert the curling rink at the Hillcrest Centre to a library, retag the library collection with new item-tracking technology and begin planning for a new library in the Strathcona-Downtown Eastside neighbourhood;
  • $5.6 million for other strategic transportation including city-wide and neighbourhood greenways, new bike routes, bus shelters, neighbourhood traffic controls and transportation monitoring;
  •  $22 million for city streets including the installation of approximately 60 city blocks of sidewalks and 400 curb ramps with a strong focus on areas adjacent to parks and schools to enhance pedestrian safety and accessibility;
  • $2.1 million to extend the Neighbourhood Energy Utility, the first of its kind in North America, to three new developments in Southeast False Creek; and,
  • $26.6 million for the renewal of sewer mains, connections, pump stations and other system components.

The proposed $459,902,600 capital budget is made up of:

  • $273,121,700 in new requests;
  • $149,482,700 in previously approved and carry-forward projects; and,
  • $37,298,200 from closed-out projects.

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