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VPSN Public Space News & Events | 21 June 2010

Happy summer solstice and warmest wishes on National Aboriginal Day.  The past weekend was a humdinger of a good time in the City’s public spaces, with lots of neat things going on around town.  Big kudos to the folks who organized the community smudge on Saturday at Main and Hastings, and the annual Car Free events on Sunday.  Two traditions that just keep getting better!

The next seven days have another fine assortment of activities.  Check out the following update to see what’s in store.


•    Friday, June 25 – Interventions Jam with the Design Nerds
•    Saturday, June 26 – Stick it to the Streets
•    Sunday, June 27 – VPSN AGM and Beach BBQ
•    Monday, June 28 – Transforming Broadway – Mt. Pleasant Workshop
•    Tuesday, July 6 – Transforming Broadway – Fairview/Kits Workshop
•    Great Trees Contest – Support the Urban Forest


•    Quieting the roar of the pimped-out motorbike
•    Open houses – Help shape the future of three Vancouver parks
•    The limits of preserving heritage? The Great Harwood Tulip Tree
•    Following up on the Local Government Elections Taskforce


Friday, June 25 – Urban Interventions Jam
One of the local groups that we’ve always been fans of is the Vancouver Design Nerds — a cool bunch of design aficionados that put their talents to good use, coming up with ways to enhance the city and its spaces.  Every few months they host a Nerd Jam where participants elevator pitch an idea and the assembled crew jams on the possibilities.

This Friday’s jam centres on the theme of urban interventions – a topic near and dear to our hearts.  It starts at 7:00pm and takes place on West Pender.  You can find all the details on their Facebook page.

:: Vancouver Design Nerds Facebook Event Page

Saturday, June 26 – Stick it to the Streets

How much music can be made with a pair of drumsticks and the street as the instrument? The Vancouver Public Space Network and friends will be descending on to Granville Street this Saturday to Stick It to the Streets and find out. Bring your drumsticks, spoons, keys, and selves to join a crew of Vancouverites as they move through the street making music with the urban landscape. Will we expect impromptu drum battles? Spontaneous street dancing? Come down and see for yourself!  The fun starts at 1:00pm.

For more information, check out out the VPSN SITS webpage or Facebook event page.  And while you’re at it, take a gander at the cool promo video we made for the event as well.

Sunday, June 27 – VPSN Annual General Meeting & Beach BBQ

The VPSN isn’t just a grassroots organization – it’s also a registered non-profit.  Per the terms of our society registration, we’ll be holding an Annual General Meeting to report out on last years activities and finances, and other cool initiatives.  But frankly, we’ll also be using the occasion as an excuse to have a bbq and celebration at Stanley Park at Third Beach.  You should come!

:: VPSN Website – AGM Details

Monday, June 28 Transforming Broadway: What would it take to make Broadway a Great Street?

The City of Vancouver is currently undertaking an review of the Central Broadway Corridor – the portion of Broadway that runs from roughly Kingsway (in Mt. Pleasant) to Vine (in Kitsilano).  The intent of the planning exercise is to review a variety of land-use policies connected with the street and the surrounding area.  What this means in real terms is that we now, collectively, have a very good opportunity to lay down a sense of direction that will enhance the street.  So let’s take this chance to transform the city’s great east-west corridor into something fantastic!

The VPSN will be hosting two facilitated workshops that will be focused around a simple question: what would it take to turn Broadway into a Great Street?  We need your help to find this out.  Please consider joining us on one of the following dates:

Monday, June 28 @ Mt. Pleasant Neighbourhood House
Tuesday, July 6 @ Kitsilano Neighbourhood House
(Correction: this date was originally posted as Monday June 5)

Both sessions will be taking place in the early evening (final times TBD) and snacks and drinks will be served.  The events are free, but seating is limited.  Please register to get your name on the list.

:: For more information – broadway [at]
:: VPSN Transforming Broadway webpage
:: City of Vancouver Central Broadway Corridor webpage

Great Trees Contest. Send Us A Pic of Your Favourite Tree. Support the Urban Forest Win a Prize!

Each week we give a way a prize to one lucky Vancouverite who likes trees.  The process is easy and the odds are good.  If you want to participate, all you have to do is send us a picture of your favourite Vancouver tree with a few words on why you feel its so awesome.

We’ve been publishing the submissions we’ve received, along with other neat articles on Vancouver’s urban forest on our Great Trees blog.  In the next little while, we’ll also be kicking off our community-based map of the city’s favourite leafy giants.

If you have a chance this week, take a moment to snap a picture of your favourite tree and send it our way!  Help us to pay homage to our urban forest.

:: For more information –


The following are some of the recent posts from our blog.

June 19 – Quieting the roar of the pimped-out motorbike

Today’s media brings news of two strategies being deployed in the fight against excessive vehicle noise.  Both, coincidentally, aimed at the worst (in my humble, patio-loving opinion) of the summertime soundscape offenders – the pimped out motorbike…. [more]

June 17 – Open Houses – Help shape the future of three Vancouver parks

The city wants the public’s feedback on projects going on in three prominent parks in Vancouver: Vanier Park, Mount Pleasant Park, and perhaps most substantively, Hastings Park.  Check out the following open houses and have your say… [more]

June 10 – The limits of preserving heritage? The Great Harwood Tulip Tree

Over the years, density bonusing has acted as an important tool in Vancouver’s city-building methodology. It’s a tool with which planners, guided by Council, have used to support the development or enhancement of important public benefits – parks, community facilities, and public art to name a few.  Under the process, extra allowable height (“density”) is permitted on a given project, and in exchange for this, developers provide a public good… [more]

June 8 – Following up on the Local Government Elections Taskforce recommendations

The Local Government Elections Task Force delivered its 31 recommendations for improvements to local election on May 28, 2010.  Two matters are of particular interest to the VPSN… [more]


The Vancouver Public Space Network is an all-volunteer, community-driven enterprise that works on advocacy, education and outreach pertaining to the city’s public realm.  We depend on your contributions in order to undertake our projects and activities.  Looking to lend a hand?  Please consider making a donation or signing up for one of our volunteer projects.  Thanks!


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