Posted by: Erin O'Melinn | July 14, 2010

Mainstream cycling is picking up steam

Bicycle by Julien HeryPhoto by Julien Hery

Starting with the designation of safe cycling lanes along the Burrard Bridge one year ago this week, continuing with the brilliantly fast allocation of an unused lane on the Dunsmuir Viaduct at the end of the Olympic closures, and finishing with the late-spring creation of a separated lane on the rest of Dunsmuir Street (with more to come), cycling is now more mainstream than ever before in the city of Vancouver. Improvements that separate cycling lanes from car lanes have provided better opportunities for  urbanites to make the switch to cycling as a mode of transportation.

Apart from the health, environmental, and economic benefits of increased cycling, more and more people now have the chance to enjoy their commute by being outdoors; engaging with their community’s public spaces at a pace that lets you ponder; and noticing new things in their neighbourhood (maybe even the neighbours themselves!)

The momentum continues: last Wednesday, the one millionth cyclist was counted going across Burrard since the trial began. On Thursday, Council approved permanent barriers for the Burrard bike lane. Next up is the separated lane that will connect Dunsmuir and the Burrard Bridge – scheduled for a city near you in Fall 2010.


  1. That’s a great news! I see the cyclists when I walk on the Burrard Bridge, they are happy! I myself have heard less noise from the cars passing by and breathed more deeply than before! Thans to the cyclists this will remain like this!

  2. […] Erin O’Melinn’s recent post pointed out, cycling in Vancouver has never been easier.  The Burrard Bridge no longer threatens a […]

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