Posted by: VPSN | July 27, 2010

Drink up! New portable drinking fountains installed throughout city

 Vancouver Water Fountain Map

This just in – a City press release identifying ways that residents can keep cool and hydrated as the temperatures outside hits some high notes. As part of this, a series of new portable water fountains that have been put in place in Grandview-Woodlands, Marpole, Downtown and Kitsilano.

We’ve often lamented the shortage of water fountains in the City (not to mention the absense of public bathrooms to contain the other end of the hydration cycle!). This latest installation is a welcome addition for residents and strikes a chord on both the health and sustainability fronts as well.  We would also encourage the City to consider additional permanent fountains in place as well – as well as some maintenance and cleaning for other public fountains that exist (some of which can’t be turned on!).  They’re not cheap (each fountain costs somewhere around $15,000) but they’re worth it.

Drink up!  Forget the iced-cap or sugar-laced sodas: on a hot day the very best thing you can put in your body is a glass of cool water. And it’s free too!

Here’s the official release:

City highlights location of new water fountains, ways to keep cool in summer

With summer in full swing, the City of Vancouver is putting in additional water fountains and rolling out an education campaign on ways to beat the heat and help seniors and vulnerable citizens.

The campaign includes a map with locations for Vancouver’s 24 community centres, 22 library branches, parks, washrooms and water fountains.

The City’s community centres and library branches provide free and convenient spots to get out of the sun. Many City parks have washrooms and/or drinking fountains.

Five new portable water fountains can be found at:

  • Northeast corner of 70th and Granville
  • Vanier Park
  • Northeast corner of Commercial and Broadway
  • Northeast corner of Burrard and Davie
  • Southwest corner of Napier and Commercial

During periods of warm and hot weather, people are reminded of basic tips to help keep cool:

  • Try to keep out of the heat and cool off
  • Wear a hat and loose fitting clothing
  • Drink plenty of water before feeling thirsty
  • Take cool showers or baths

The web information and new water services were put in place as part of Vancouver’s multi-phase Extreme Hot Weather Preparedness and Response Plan adopted by Council earlier in July.

The City is working closely with Vancouver Coastal Health to provide information on how to stay safe in hot weather.”

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  1. Several weeks ago I wrote to city engineering that two of the drinking fountains on the 37th Ave bike route were not functioning very well, just a dribble from each. They wrote back within two days to say that their crews were looking into it, and within, oh, about two weeks, they had replaced the one at Prince Edward and 37th with a spiffy new fountain that includes a water bottle refill tap, a dog drinking fountain, and two fountains at different heights for children and adults. Its great–and I hope we’ll see more. There’s a limited budget for these things; I hope that we can keep adding to them because as the city’s stated position is to drink tap water and avoid using bottled water, we need more fountains. And by the way, we do drink (and pee) in the winter….

  2. In your blogroll why not include ThinkCity:

    • Thanks for the suggestion Michael. Think City is on our main website links page: but we haven’t yet migrated all of the local orgs onto our blogroll as well.

  3. […] mobile drinking fountains. Why not install more, and make them permanent? (Here is a similar project in Vancouver) New York City's Water-On-the-Go temporary drinking fountain project, summer 2010. […]

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