Posted by: VPSN | September 23, 2010

Where’s the Square II – Feeding Vancouver’s Soul!


Earlier this summer the VPSN’s Animating Public Space Design Charette brought the winners of the Where’s the Square ideas competition together to generate ideas about how to activate a downtown space. The event built on the WTS design competition to devise ways to have fun in public space.

Celebration = people + place

As part of the VPSN’s overarching mission, Feeding Vancouver’s Soul has the goal of generating a concrete example of an animated public space in Vancouver. The result will begin to articulate what constitutes a successful public space and how we can plan for better public spaces; and raise awareness about the need for a grand gathering space in Vancouver.


Why food?

As the name “Feeding Vancouver’s Soul” indicates, food goes beyond the physical. Vancouver is home to a unique food culture that emerges from the cultural diversity and fusion. In addition, shared eating is both a universal and bonding experience.

  • Sociability – The presence of food enlivens space and encourages interaction
  • Unity – Food has universal appeal and embodies the variety and integration of our diverse cultures and communities
  • Abundance – Demonstrate the wealth of local food and local food culture we have access to while supporting local business

The event will celebrate the diversity of Vancouver’s cultures, communities, and neighborhoods. In addition, sustainability will be incorporated into the event through composting, recycling, and waste reduction.

Get Involved!

A lot of help is needed to prepare the grant application, plan the event, and put it on!  Email Caroline [at] to find out more…


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