Posted by: Simon | October 19, 2010

Yaletown Park Perspectives

The Parks Advocacy group conducted a series of interviews to gather people’s opinions on a very unique park in downtown Vancouver known as Yaletown Park.  I’m having trouble embedding so view the video here.

What are your thoughts on the space?  If you could, would you change anything about it?  Does it alter your definition of what a park should look and feel like?



  1. I worked at Business Objects when that park was being constructed across the street, and was really disappointed in the results. It’s slightly better now that the giant head is there, but it is still a boring park. If the paving stones had been flat you could at least host a market on weekends – a book market, an artists market, a farmer’s market, whatever. Something to bring some life into a grey space.

    To embed the video, try putting “vimeo 15553896” in square brackets – []. WordPress doesn’t let you put object tags directly in your posts, so you need to use their shortcuts for sites like vimeo and youtube.

  2. I like this park. It does look a little plain and uninviting, The city could add some more art to make this park more appealing, but at the same time, I think not every park in the entire Yaletown area should be grassed up for apartment dog owners so you have to watch where you step. Don’t get me wrong, I love dogs, I think its nice to see some diversity in park construction and design.

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