Posted by: Heather Forbes | October 29, 2010

Inspiring Stories of Women and Food, and an Upcoming Event!

We gave you a heads up about a week ago on the Women and Food: A Vancouver Historical Perspective event that took place on Tuesday night at City Hall. I think that everyone reading this that was lucky enough to also attend will agree with me that it was a pretty stellar event! The group of remarkable women shared deeply interesting stories about women and food, and, as our host Councilor Ellen Woodsworth pointed out, each woman’s story merited hours more of devoted exploration. I can’t wait to see more of these women at other public events, and I encourage everyone to seek them out.

There were many highlights, but as a public space geek (if you’re reading this, consider yourself in my company!)  I was particularly pumped about the stories Shirley Chan shared about the role food played in the activism that the Strathcona Property Owners and Tenants Association carried out -with legendary success!- many decades ago when their rich neighbourhood was threatened by misguided and destructive urban renewal plans. I was also pumped when Devorah Kahn noted that it was only very recently that Farmers Markets were designated as legal uses of public space. Up until that point, we were all being a little badass for buying our radishes from these markets, and that is a pretty awesome feeling.

Herstory Cafe offers events like this on an ongoing basis, so I highly encourage going to one of their future events. Another event I wholeheartedly suggest you check out if you are interested in food and the connections it facilitates in the community is The Vancouver Fruit Tree Project Harvest Party. This local group harvests the unwanted or underutilized fruit from private and public fruit trees and redistributes it to community groups that use it to feed and educate people in our community without reliable access to good, healthy produce. It’s a pretty cool project, and it should be a cool event. Matthew Kempshaw from Environmental Youth Alliance – another wonderful local group – will be speaking on local food security and local musician Corey Hawthorne will provide tunes for the night.  It all goes down on Thursday, November 4th, from 6:30-9pm at Rhizome Cafe (317 E. Broadway). It should be another great night for food and fun in the city!


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