Posted by: VPSN | November 11, 2010

What did you do last Sunday morning?

Whatever it was, was it fun? Was it creative? Was it… seen from outer space?

On Sunday, November 21, VPSN is partnering with to take public art to a whole new (atmospheric) level. For the first time in history Vancouver will be taking a place in a global art exhibit to show how climate change is affecting the planet and demonstrate public support for creative solutions to climate change.

People in Cairo, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Reykjavik, Bejing, Mumbai and 14 other cities will gather to create massive public art installations on the eve of the United Nations climate meetings in Cancun, Mexico where delegates will be working to create an international climate treaty. Every site will create large, unique formations that will be captured on camera by air and by satellite.

So, if you’re game for a Sunday that’s a little different from your last, join us at David Lam Park at 9:30am Sunday, November 21. Before then, please let us know to expect you by filling out this form and taking the time to also RSVP on Facebook.

Want more details? Check out our website for 3 tips for having fun at 350 EARTH and 3 ways you can help us make it an inevitable success or see below…

NOTE: Please plan to join us at David Lam Park promptly at 9:30am and plan to stay until 11:30am. Because we don’t control the satellite, folks MUST show up on time and stay until 11am to ensure the image will be ready to be shot by the time the satellite passes overhead.


:: Check out our Facebook and Twitter pages.
:: Visit the official 350 EARTH website.
:: Want to volunteer? Email our Volunteer Coordinator Erin O’Melinn at erin [at]
:: Want to be an event partner? Email Event Lead Jaspal Marwah at jaspal [at]
:: Want more info for your blog, tweet, or newspaper article? Email Communications Co-Coordinator, Michaela Montaner at michaela [at]


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