Posted by: VPSN | January 31, 2011

Get your green on: feedback wanted on the Greenest City initiative

This past year VPSN Transportation and Greenspace team members were asked to sit on a couple of the external advisory committies associated with the City’s Greenest City initiative.  In so doing, they lent a hand providing feedback on the various goals and actions being considered as part of the mission to make Vancouver the greenest city in the world. It was a rewarding process.

We were pleased with the overall result of the Greenest City process and are happy that Council unanimously adopted the recent staff report associated with implementing the initiative, its targets and more.  Though there have been murmurings on one side of the mediasphere that the targets are too lofty, and on another that they don’t go far enough… we think they strike a good balance between being ambitious but do-able. 

In particular, we’re keen on:

  • The re-energizing of active transportation – walking and cycling – as well as public transit… and that the various actions proposed in this area are clearly linked with the idea that Vancouverites need a quality public realm
  • Provisions around ensuring park space is created in the neighbourhoods that need it most
  • The plan to bolster our urban forest (150,000 trees to be planted)
  • A bigger, richer, bolder urban agriculture strategy for the city – that sees local food infrastructure strengthened to respond to the demand for community gardens, orchards, local markets and more
  • The many and various initiatives that will make Vancouver a healthier city – reduced waste, better air quality, etc.

But don’t just take our word for it – there’s a good opportunity for you to weigh in on the results.  Until the end of February people can comment on the Greenest City plans, come to a Greenest City workshop or host their own workshop at home with friends and colleagues.  Details are all here:

A final plug: another thing that is great about the Greenest City report – and the whole process so far – is that it has been strengthened by some strong, idea-generating, social media platforms.  The collaborative dimension has been interesting to follow in its own right – with people proposing ideas, commenting on new solutions, and engaging in the sort of debate that leaves one wishing that Web 2.0 could be like this everyday.  Better still, the City report shows how the different ideas are being woven into the final… a nice twist for those eager to see the notion of civic transparency strengthened. 

Stay up to date on all the Greenest City news (including the recent City Council decision to adopt the Greenest City 2020 targets) by:



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