Posted by: VPSN | March 21, 2011

Seedball Dispensers? Yes, please!

How many times have you come across an abandoned or forgotten plot of land and grumbled to yourself, wishing that someone would do something to transform it into a beautiful and welcoming space?

Well, no matter where we live, each of us can easily and anonymously help to make our communities more beautiful. Seed balls (popularly known as “seed bombs” or “green grenades”) utilize the natural materials of the Earth itself – made of a simple mixture of clay, soil and seeds which are rolled into seed balls and dried.  Seed bombs contain all of the necessary ingredients needed to grow a plant and, once launched into an abandoned plot, will germinate when exposed to the right conditions. They are the perfect answer for planting in inaccessible areas and abandoned, unused land.

In support of making community guerrilla gardening efforts more accessible, VPSN is looking to introduce seed bomb dispensers in Vancouver neighbourhoods. The idea is to convert your standard quarter operated gumball dispensers to allow them to dispense seed bombs. The hope is that the dispensers will encourage a variety folks visiting coffee shops, farmers markets and other locations to use the loose coins in their pockets to make a small, yet meaningful, contribution to the beautification of their city. Fun!

Here’s what we need from YOU in order to make this happen in Vancouver: if you or anyone you know has new or gently used gumball dispensers and are willing to donate or negotiate a fair price, we want to hear from you! Please e-mail leita [at] for more information.

For those who would like to learn more about seed bombs and guerrilla gardening, VPSN will be hosting a number of seed bomb workshops throughout 2011. Keep posted for details!


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