Posted by: Karen Quinn Fung | May 24, 2011

Talking Transit in Vancouver – online, in the news, and in person…

There’s a lot happening in Vancouver around transportation these days — it can be hard to keep up! Here’s a selection of links, interesting reading, and upcoming events.

  • The City of Vancouver has kicked off its Transportation Plan process, and wants the public to get involved. This plan is significant as it sets the direction and priority tasks for the City on transportation for the foreseeable future, and there are lots of chances to hear what others in the City want for the future of mobility in Vancouver. Be sure to check out:
    • Talk Vancouver Transportation 2040 website — the City has made a video and some fact sheets available that summarizes key points to keep in mind when it comes to transportation in Vancouver. There’s also a discussion forum for discussing ideas, issues and how transportation affects your daily life both with City staff and other residents.
    • The City is also holding conversations about the transportation plan through a process which will be taking place on Facebook over the next few weeks. Sign up for it now — conversations start next week!
    • The City will also be convening conversations through a series of in person workshops in neighbourhoods across Vancouver. The first one starts on Wednesday, May 25th, at Marpole Community Centre, and the workshops wrap up on June 29th. Check out the City’s full list of transportation update workshops.
  • There was an article in The Vancouver Observer this past week discussing some reactions to the idea of putting rapid transit on Broadway to UBC. It features perspective from those working in businesses on Broadway, as well as Randy Pecarski, acting director of planning assistant for the city.
  • It’s outside Vancouver but is an important development with regional impacts and is fascinating nonetheless: TransLink will be holding consultations on Wednesday, May 25, and Thursday, May 26, to get public feedback on the proposed gondola that would connect Production Way station on the Millenium Line to the Simon Fraser University Burnaby campus. Learn more about the gondola project at the Buzzer Blog, and find out more about the workshops.
  • Last week’s Vancouver Sun included an article looking at the issue of TransLink’s buses passing up passengers waiting at bus stops in Metro Vancouver, along with an interactive website showing which routes experienced the most pass-ups.

Want to stay in touch with these stories and volunteer opportunities related to public transit? Join the VPSN’s Transportation Facebook group to keep up-to-date on our meetings and to share what matters to you about getting around Vancouver!

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