Posted by: VPSN | June 5, 2011

Robson Square Artisan Market… now open for business

A quick post to let you all know about the new artisan market taking place at Robson Square. It opened yesterday and features all sorts of locally crafted goodies.

You can find the market in the sub-area (the spot normally occupied by the skating rink). It’s a nice return to some of the retail plans that were proposed for the space when it first opened in the 1970s (before UBC was on the scene).

With the Province now on board with animating this space (they’re the ones behind this new venture), the rationale supporting the creation of a permanent, street-level expansion to the square just got even stronger. Imagine: a two-level, appropriately programmed square that can function rain or shine. The new artisan market takes part way there! Next step? Closing and programming the 800-block of the street.

Your job this summer? Go support a local artist… and help to make this a popular place in the process!



  1. Market is open Saturdays all summer from 12-5PM!
    Support local vendors and handmade goods at Robson Square
    Artisan Market.

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