Posted by: VPSN | June 11, 2011

Under the bridge… at Stanley Park


One of the most enjoyable exercises in public space planning and advocacy is trying to dream up new uses for ‘old’ spaces. It keeps spaces vital and fresh… and allows different constituents to make use of our city’s common assets for a range of activities.

Often times spaces get designed with one use in mind… but with a little imagination can be repurposed into another. Think of parking spaces turned into miniparks, or Robson Square turned into a breakdancing practice space. The transformations are often temporary, fleeting, and gone before you know it… a brief intervention in the urban landscape.

The VPSN’s Josh Paterson came across this one last night – a bike party beneath the Stanley Park entranceway (near Georgia). Here, a common concrete underpass becomes the scene for a great bike party. Fun stuff!

(With props to the Velopalooza crew – at least we think it was you – for making this happen).



  1. Yes it was Velopalooza… they partied there for some time, with music and dancing and everything – there were a tonne of people. Many of the bikes were kitted out with all kinds of colourful lights. The people too. It was pretty flashy.
    Then they all set off in a bike parade about 1030 pm or so, towards second beach.
    The funny thing was that downtown was totally packed and nuts for the hockey game. Walking home down to the west end the crowds dissipated into the usual quietness and then, on getting to lost lagoon, there was all of a sudden another big, totally unrelated crowd – you could see the flashing lights and hear the music like a block away before you figured out what it was.

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