Posted by: VPSN | August 12, 2011

Blim Community Market turns Robson Square into vibrant public space

The Blim Community Market will take over Robson Square this Sunday, August 14, offering a glimpse into the possibilities of an improved central gathering place in Vancouver’s public square.

Jointly presented by VPSN and Blim, with support from Viva Vancouver, this special one-day event will feature more than 30 vendors offering an eclectic mix of locally produced arts and crafts. It also represents a great opportunity for the public to discover how markets can transform streets from thoroughfares to destinations.

With the recent completion of renovations to the 800-block of Robson Street, the Blim Community Market is the first of many initiatives supported by the VPSN to revitalize and animate Robson Square. A vibrant, centrally located public space is overdue in Vancouver, and a renewed Robson Square has the potential to support community building, enhanced public life, celebration, and the local economy at the very epicentre of Vancouver’s civic life.

“The Olympics taught us that Robson Square has the capacity to be the gathering place in the city,” says VPSN director Andrew Pask. “Through events like this weekend’s community market, we have an important opportunity to undertake a major enhancement of Vancouver’s downtown public realm.”

The Blim Community Market will take place between 12 and 5 p.m. at the south end of the Art Gallery between Hornby and Howe streets.

“We’re excited to bring the Blim market to Robson,” says Yuriko Iga, director of Blim. “This is a great opportunity to showcase the work of our talented artists and craftspeople in the heart of the city.”

Blim is an independent, family-run art and craft facility located in the heart of Vancouver’s historic Chinatown. Its aim is to help build community through the spirit of fun and creativity, making the arts and crafts accessible to a wide range of skill sets and aims.

For more information about the Blim Community Market, check out our event page on Facebook.


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