Posted by: VPSN | August 17, 2011

Robson Square Petitions – YES and NO petitions now online

UPDATE: For those of you interested in our Robson Square petitions, please check out our newly created on-line versions. The “yes” petition started late yesterday, the “no” petition today.  Here’s your chance to participate in the discussion:

YES, I support the expansion of Robson Square and the closure of the 800-block to vehicular traffic.


NO. I want vehicles back on the 800-block of Robson. Please DO NOT expand Robson Square.

If you haven’t already done so, please consider taking two minutes to have your voice heard on this initiative. The street is scheduled to be opened to vehicles on September 5 – at which point many of the great activities now taking place on the street will be removed.  The VPSN supports the permanent closure of the space, but want to make sure that all sides are represented. 

You can read some of the recent background on the issue in yesterday’s post.


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