Posted by: VPSN | November 25, 2011

Hold the Date – VPSN Winter Gathering – Saturday December 10, 2011

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Dear friends, supporters, & public space aficionados,

We’re winding up the year with our annual festive gathering.  Will you join us?  We hope so.  It’s promises to be good times galore.

Saturday, December 10, 2011
W2 Community Arts Centre
Entrance via the Woodward’s Atrium
8:00pm – ?

We’ve booked the upstairs room at W2, the coolest community art space in town.  There’ll be music, pictures, games, art interventions, a cash-bar, canapés and the nicest crew of urbanisticly inclined individuals you’ve ever met.

Of course, it won’t be nearly as exciting if you’re not there… so please mark your calendars and drop by for a cup (or several) of good cheer.  Do it now so you don’t forget!  And tell your friends and loved ones too.  The more the merrier!

With warm wishes,

Your friends at the VPSN

p.s. we’ll send out a formal invite shortly… but if you want to pre-RSVP that’d be great. Always helpful for planning! 

:: events [at] @vancouverpublicspace [dot] ca


  1. You call W2 “the coolest community art space in town” – how is it cool to legitimise and directly participate in the displacement of housing that was supposed to be at Woodwards? How is it cool for W2 to pretend that it doesn’t take public funding, when in reality they eagerly took Olympic money — and then rationalised their betrayal by offering “free” venue space, thus underselling all the authentic arts and culture venues who did not take blood money, real community organisations who rely on community rental revenue to survive. How is it cool to take that Olympic money and require that all panellists in this space sign contracts promising not to criticise the Olympics? W2 isn’t community art space; it is space stolen from the community. Not everyone in the community is willing to forget. Sad to see that VPSN is holding an event here.

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