Posted by: VPSN | January 5, 2012

Vancouver’s Civic Agencies: Volunteers Needed

The City is currently looking for volunteers to fill positions on a number of civic committees – arms-length advisory agencies that provide input to City Council on a variety of matters.  All of them connect in one way or another with public space issues.

If you have the time and inclination, why not consider applying? It’s a great opportunity to be directly involved with city-building.

The agencies meet semi-regularly. Some each month, others every few months. The projects they take on vary as well.

The one’s that are most connected with the sort of public space work that we at the VPSN engage in are:

• Active Transportation Advisory Committee
• Public Art Committee
• Urban Design Panel
• Vancouver City Planning Commission

There’s a total of 17 Committees that you can apply to join. Deadline for applications is Jan 22, and more information can be found at the end of the official City announcement below.

Vancouver’s Civic Agencies: Volunteers Needed
The City is seeking volunteers from the general public for positions on the following civic agencies:

• Active Transportation Advisory Committee
• Chinatown Historic Area Planning Committee
• Development Permit Board Advisory Panel
• First Shaughnessy Advisory Design Panel
• Gastown Historic Area Planning Committee
• LGBTQ Advisory Committee
• Multicultural Advisory Committee
• Persons with Disabilities Advisory Committee
• Public Art Committee
• Seniors Advisory Committee
• Urban Aboriginal Peoples Advisory Committee
• Urban Design Panel
• Vancouver City Planning Commission
• Vancouver Civic Theatres Board
• Vancouver Food Policy Council
• Vancouver Heritage Commission
• Women’s Advisory Committee

For more information: 604.873.7269 or

Apply from Tuesday, January 3 to Sunday, January 22.

:: More info – City of Vancouver Civic agencies and committees webpage


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