Posted by: Erin O'Melinn | January 19, 2012

A summit’s coming to the city. It’s about cities.

There’s a Cities Summit coming to Vancouver?

Who’s in charge of getting the word out?! I love cities, and this is the first I’ve heard of a conference happening in two weeks. Is anything they’re talking about worthwhile….lots of people moving to cities, yep, knew that…. those people want to pay less, but be served well, and “heard”. Yep, we’re a selfish species like that. Data can help us. I want to know what they’re thinking here…

Can widespread wi-fi all over the city take us to the next level? Will it mean a boost in money coming in and flowing around? Does it serve only those who have iPads and Kobos and leave behind those hobos that can’t afford to be ever-connected?

Can software drive more efficient sewage systems? The tech fix – what does that mean for jobs for humans – will they talk about that?

How can cities support sustainable start-ups? And how much priority do newbie companies get over  existing ones for investment to innovate from their current products? What added value is there in knowing an established company will be more careful about their reputation and promises?

The Summit website uses a lot of snazzy city-speak. Very trendy blurry words that make me question if the speakers will talk the same way and I’d come out of a session wondering what I was taking away. Still curious though.

Anyone planning to attend that wants to report back?


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