Posted by: Erin O'Melinn | March 1, 2012

VPSN Idea Slam Dunk!

Last night, a giant group of us got together at SFU Woodwards and slammed on a ton of great ideas to improve public space in the city in 2012. We had little ideas, great big ones, and some ideas that we squished together to make beautiful new creations. Take a read – betcha you’ll see something interesting. Maybe you want to hear more. Here’s a short summary of ideas generated in our different focus areas, with someone excited about each listed for your emailing pleasure to get more involved.

Public Art

  • Public space film fest
  • Alley activations (night performances)
  • Clothing swap
  • Regular monthly events
  • Communal graffiti wall
  • Public performance spaces and activations
  • Public communal crafting and music
  • Human bird houses
  • jaspal @

Security & Surveillance

  • “I saw you” surveillance ads
  • Art events
  • Speakers/film fest
  • Policing
  • Downtown Ambassadors
  • Night time safety
  • heather @

Democratic Spaces & Corporatization

  • Film fest (including outdoor ones)
  • Speakers’ corner, pop up debates
  • Data visualization, conceptual art, speakers series, making open data more accessible
  • Naming rights – how else can we name?
  • Finding hidden histories of neighbourhoods
  • Chair bombing
  • Community chalkboards
  • andrew @

Urban Design

  • improving Arbutus Corridor and 800 Block Robson
  • more design charettes around the viaducts
  • Main St. Walkabout
  • Where’s the Square fruition
  • Alley enlightenment
  • Downtown Public Realm Plan
  • scott @


  • Green crossings
  • Main St. Walkabout
  • demian @

Bikes & transit

  • Multimodal fusion – bike stations/secure parking at transit stops
  • Re-use 98 B line stops
  • Better integration of bikes on transit
  • Artful bike racks
  • quinn @ & brandon @


  • Adult jungle gyms
  • Green Streets Game
  • City Studio – greening abandoned spaces
  • Save Brewery Creek
  • 21st Century Agora
  • info @


  • User generated stories, photos, videos showcasing positive public space sightings
  • simon @

Just want to find out more about any and all of the Vancouver Public Space Network?  Come to an orientation. Next one is Wed. March 7th

  • erin @

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