Posted by: Brandon Yan | April 18, 2012

Space 98

There are so many interesting yet un-used spaces in Vancouver. One of them, I pass almost daily:

This old 98 B-Line stop, on Granville at Broadway going south, serves no function and just sits there. The no. 10 bus that services Granville street stops about 10 feet before this old shelter. I’ve yet to see anyone actually sitting at it. So, why not transform this neglected piece of street furniture into something else?

Last month, I went to Portland and I came back with a sense that sometimes, to make things happen, you just have to do them. In Vancouver, we tend to say, “this city should…” Well, take something into your own hands and see what happens. A lot of the great things that Portland is known for happened because interested citizens just went ahead and did it.

Well, let’s get together this Sunday, April 15th, have some coffee and do some talking and urban re-decorating. Let’s say 1:00PM (13:00 for you military types) at the Blenz on Broadway and Granville. I’ve purchased some peel’n’stick chalk board panels so let’s put them up and have the community brainstorm some ideas that they’d like to see. If you’ve got art or other decorative/transformative ideas, let me know. This is phase one of the project: ideation. Phase two will implement some of the ideas that come out of phase one.

So far here’s what I have:

  • Add a table: outdoor office!
  • Add a bike rack: covered bike parking!
  • Add a bike repair station with some maps and way-finding.
  • Use the glass panels as outdoor art gallery space.
  • Green-roof?
  • Make it playful: Add a swing!
If you have any questions, just ask (comment, email, or tweet).


  1. Great project. Sometimes you really do just have to do it yourself if you want something interesting to happen.

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