Posted by: Andrew Pask | April 26, 2012

A new intervention under the Cambie Bridge

Cambie Bridge Intervention

One of the best characteristics of street art and other forms of urban intervention is their capacity to surprise and delight… and to offer an unexpected twist on everyday routine.  Another plus is their ability to offer a bit of light to otherwise grey spaces – alleys, empty lots and other places, such as the awkward and underutilized areas that exist under bridges.

This new piece must have just gone up today… or perhaps yesterday.  It certainly wasn’t up earlier in the week… and if you look closely at the far pillar you can still see a small assembly of scaffolding pieces down near the far pillar.

White words on grey concrete.  Three columns in total reveal the following sequence of words… “Her jacket pockets/turned inside and out/release fears of the colour blue.”

In truth, I haven’t decided if I like the piece yet.  I need to think about that first (I’m always a bit slow to make my mind up with these sorts of things — especially when oblique signifiers like jacket pockets and the colour blue are involved).  That being said, I love the fact that it has happened, that it leaves me with a pleasantly curious feeling, and pleased by the serendipity of it all.  My thanks to the artist… whomever you might be!

UPDATE: Thank you to Deanna C for dropping us a note on the VPSN Facebook page to let me know the identity of the artists – there are two of them – who undertook this project.  They are Jordan Bent and Eli Horn.  Check out their respective webpages to see more of their work!



  1. I’d love to have this sort of work on the Skytrain pillars throughout town.

  2. I saw the third part of it getting put up on Thursday afternoon. Pretty cool!

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