Posted by: Brandon Yan | May 8, 2012

#space98 Update

If you haven’t been following along the #space98 story, you can check it out on my personal blog and here, on OpenFile. But I’ll give you a quick run down: We want to transform an unused, unloved, old bus shelter into something else. Last weekend, a few of us met to discuss the future of #space98 and possibly grant funding. We’ve come up with 2 grant proposals:

1. Bike Hub: Add some covered bike parking (seems to be a rarity in a rainy city like ours), a bike repair station / kitchen, and if possible, a green roof! We think this idea is practical and do-able since it close to 10th avenue.

2. Pocket Market: We’d like to see a farmer’s market stall or a vendor (in collaboration with Granville Island?) take up shop in this spot. We’d also love to see a green roof in this plan, too.

Grant proposals need to be in by May 25, so if you’ve got ideas, talents, or expertise that could help these projects along, I want to hear from you! Email me: brandon [at]

While we were coming up with the big picture ideas for #space98 we also came up with some fun temporary ideas.

This weekend we’re looking to try something fun and just for the afternoon: We propose to transform #space98 into a pillow/sheet fort!

Remember when you were a kid and you moved some furniture into the middle of the room and draped sheets over it? How fun was that? Well, let’s meet up on Sunday, May 13  at 12PM (noon), bring your not-needed but clean sheets/pillows and build! At the end, if you don’t need your sheets, we can arrange to see if they can be donated to a needing charity/organization.



  1. open design competition?

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