Posted by: Simon | August 15, 2012

How to survive the Karaoke Kiosk

Karaoke Kiosk

Singing in public can be scary. Performing your favourite tune in front of dozens of Vancouverites and tourists can be a nightmare if your only experience singing it was in the car (or on your bike) on your way to work. Still, some intrepid transit riders can sing out loud on the bus. One gentleman sings opera strolling down South Granville, groceries in hand. Unfortunately though, for the rest of us, we don’t have chops like Bonnie Tyler to belt out a rendition of “Total Eclipse of the Heart” on a downtown street just for the heck of it.

If you would rather crawl into a hole for three days than sing in public, today’s your lucky day. VPSN has compiled some quick tips on how to sing like a champ at the Karaoke Kiosk. Just follow these six easy steps and you’ll be an instant singing sensation:

1. Bring a friend! Karaoke is a social activity. If you don’t know the entire tune by heart, someone else in your group is bound to. We also have two microphones so no excuses.

2. Get there early. If you want to get your song in without waiting, come down early. Things get pretty busy during the last two hours so to ensure you get your chance to shine, get your name and song on the list before 4pm.

3. Choose a back up song. Karaoke Kiosks are finicky sometimes. There are so many songs in the library that some get lost in the shuffle. In case your first choice doesn’t work, always pick a back up song.

4. Find the songs you want in advance. The Karaoke Kiosk is equipped with two touch screens to help you find your song. But why wait behind the guy who can’t decide on which version of “Yesterday” to do? Visit to find the entire song list (you can also visit the page from your smart phone on location). Jot down the code of the song you want and bring it down to the Kiosk. You’ll be golden.

5. Try a popular song. If you choose a song that everyone knows, then the crowd will likely be more inclined to sing along with you. Getting the crowd involved is a feeling like no other. Believe me, it’s really great.

6. Have fun! Some people tend to forget about this important one. Whether you consider yourself to be a good singer or a bad singer, it takes a lot of guts to sing in front of a crowd and that’s what we all admire the most. So toss your inhibitions aside and just go for it!

The Karaoke Kiosk can be found at Robson Square this Sunday, August 19th, from 2-6pm. It is brought to you by VPSN and Urban Republic, and sponsored by VIVA Vancouver and the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association.



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