Posted by: VPSN | October 26, 2012

All Aboard! Halloween SkyTrain Party – TONIGHT!


Racing to get on the 2011 SkyTrain Party – Photo by Lydia Yan

The day has arrived! Time for the 7th annual VPSN Halloween SkyTrain Party!

Don your finest costumes and head down to Waterfront Station for 7:45pm. We’ll be departing shortly thereafter (8pm) on the Canada Line – heading south to Brighouse Station in Richmond.

Our return trip takes us to City Centre Station in Downtown Vancouver, where we’ll disembark and head to a rain-proof after-party in our top-secret public space location. The whole thing will be wrapped up by 11:00pm – leaving you plenty of time to rock out at all the other good parties going on around town.


  • The Translink & Canada Line folks have been good to us over the years – let’s keep that fine relationship going! Remember to buy your fare or bring your U-Pass. And if you see a Translink/Canada Line official, be sure to say thanks. If you’re coming as a zombie, please do not bite them.
  • Be kind to the nice train that will carry us on our ride. When we get to City Centre station we’ll need to exit the train fairly quickly – please remember to pack out whatever you bring with you. Help us to leave the trains as clean as possible
  • Please give the DJ and VPSN crew some space! Our team needs a bit of room to deal with set up and operations. We all want to make sure the sound system can get dialed to 11 – and extra space is especially helpful if there are any unexpected lurches in the train.
  • Do not exit the train at Brighouse Station… unless you want to be left in Richmond.
  • When you depart at City Centre Station – please head towards the Georgia Street exit – wait for instructions. From there, we’ll take a short walk (3 min or so). It may be rainy, so if you want to pack an umbrella, please do so. (Note that the after-party location will be rain-free).

Finally, a word to the obvious… We’re asking everyone to pitch in to keep the good vibe going, because transit parties like this will only last as long as everyone behaves in a reasonable fashion. So, in other words, if you see someone doing something stupid, tell ‘em to save it for later.


If you bring a camera, please send any event related snaps our way – we love getting copies of people’s memories! You can also tag your photos and post them to our Vancouver Public Space Network VPSN Flickr group, or VPSN Facebook page.

You can also do the twitter via #skytrainparty and follow us at @vpsn


EMAIL: Vancouver Public Space Network at info [at] vancouverpublicspace [dot] ca


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