Posted by: jillianglover | October 29, 2012

VPSN’s Celebrates Halloween with Annual Skytrain Party

BY Alexandra Venner

The 2012 Halloween Skytrain Party was another success for the Vancouver Public Space Network and all participants! A HUGE thanks to everyone that made this evening possible and for proving that we can do awesome things with public space in our own city. After all, who said public transit in Vancouver had to be static?

This year the Canada Line embraced some of Vancouver’s finest costumes on board. A hoard of people boarded at Waterfront Station and continued to pick people up-either in costume or not- all the way to Brighouse Station in Richmond and back. With some fantastic dj’s on board and a massive sound system to project their beats, the carts were bumpin’ with dancing, crowd surfing, and singing. It was, indeed, “organized chaos” that lasted the entire journey thanks to everyone’s respectful and responsible party behavior.

The party continued as the partygoers moved to Robson Square. The square’s added Halloween ambiance was thanks to Stewart Burgess, the art director of the evening, and the few assistants he had to create massive pumpkins and ghosts to hang within the square. To keep the crowd going, VPSN’s own Simon Wong entertained everyone with his crafty choice of music that left people dancing until the evening ended.

The evening wouldn’t be a Vancouver Public Space Network event without some public space advocacy -how could we not? This was another event that continues to prove that the 800-block site is an immensely popular gathering spot. As people danced to Simon’s beats, volunteers ran around with an artfully crafted frame asking people to pose in it. “ Get in the Square-Keep Robson Square Open for Pedestrians” was the slogan situated on the frame to continue to promote securing the 800-block segment of Robson street (between Hornby and Howe) as a public pedestrian-only space. Find your picture here.

Hope you all thoroughly enjoyed yourselves as much as we did and more importantly, we hope you enjoyed experiencing the city’s pubic spaces through another lens! Stay tuned for more VPSN events in the remaining months of 2012-Happy Halloween!



  1. Such an amazing event, saw some crowd surfing and pole dancing, not something you see everyday on the line. We’d love for any to submit their photos from 2012 Halloween #Skytrainparty to our #TransitTerrors Photo Contest for a chance to win tickets to the Vancouver Trolley tour of your choice.

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