Posted by: VPSN | March 18, 2013

Public lecture: The City on Display: Urban Living and the Art of Public Space

Join the VPSN’s Andrew Pask in Richmond next Thursday, March 28, for a free lecture on the ‘Art of Public Space.’

Good cities are defined by the quality of their public spaces. Whether these are lively public squares or plazas, parks, beaches, civic architecture or vibrant streets, these are the places where people gather, celebrate, protest and participate in the theatre of public life.

This presentation will take a look at the history of public space and explore how thinking about the public realm has changed over time. Focusing on the present era, it will examine recent debates, designs and dilemmas associated with the public realm, including new park and plaza projects, the social – and ‘contested’ – nature of public places, and several of the more recent artistic interventions that have enlivened public spaces around the world.

This talk will be preceded by a short performance by renowned jazz pianist Ron Johnston.

The event takes place at 7:pm at Richmond City Hall. Seating is limited. Please RSVP to

:: More information – City of Richmond Webpage

The Lulu Speaker Series is the City of Richmond’s annual spring series of talks about Art in the City and its importance to establishing connections between citizens and their communities.



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