Posted by: Karen Quinn Fung | April 30, 2013

AMS Community Transit Forum – What’s Next, Broadway?


UBC’s Alma Mater Society is hosting a Community Transit Forum to discuss the future of the Broadway corridor. The event will take place on Thursday, May 2nd, from 6:30pm to 9:30pm at the Hollywood Theatre on Broadway.

The Broadway corridor (from Commercial Drive through to UBC) is a key economic, residential, institutional and cultural area for Vancouver and British Columbia. It boasts the highest concentration of jobs in B.C. outside of the downtown core. More than 100,000 public transit trips occur in this part of the city each day, making it one of the most heavily used diesel bus routes in North America.

Broadway’s current and potential demographic and economic development has driven recent discussion about the future of the corridor. Given the ongoing discussions regarding the future of the corridor, the AMS is inviting a number of speakers to lead a discussion, with community input, on the kind of future that is envisioned for Broadway. Informed debate will help the community shape and articulate its own future within a rapidly growing region.

Vancouver Public Space Network’s Karen Quinn Fung will be participating as a panelist to share her views on this issue through her experience as VPSN’s public transit project lead, and to bring forward VPSN’s interest in enhancing Vancouver’s public spaces to the dialogue. Other panelists include Yuri Artibise (Yurbanism), Claire Havens (SFU’s Carbon Talks), and Arno Schortinghuis (HUB –  Your Cycling Connection).

Want to join us? Register online at the event’s Eventbrite site. Looking forward to see you there and hearing from everyone on this very important topic!



  1. Just curious as to how this forum will tie into the plans, consultation, and input on high-speed rail in (or under, rather) the corridor. I won’t be able to attend, but I’m intrigued by the who and why (particularly because AMS is involved) of the event, given the impression I have that, like the Canada Line, we’re getting Skytrain service through the corridor whether we like it (or can afford it) or not…

    Glad to see VPSN so well represented!

  2. Shaun,

    I would argue that this moment in time is unique compared to the situation with the Canada Line. That had a very clear time-sensitive external commitment — the Olympics. This doesn’t exist in the same way with Broadway.

    How will this forum tie into plans, consultation and input? I can’t answer by any means for the people in the organizations formally involved in decision-making, but given that we are less than two short weeks from an election for the political leaders that will be engaged in finding funding solutions for this and all our transportation infrastructure and service investments going forward, I think there’s still a huge impact to be made and nothing is a done deal by any means.

    Sorry you can’t make it — I know the AMS is seeking to ensure the dialogue continues in the long-term. Stay tuned.


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