Posted by: VPSN | October 11, 2013

And the winners are…

NNE Vancouver poster banner

The VPSN contest winner selection team convened earlier today.  Their mission: pick the winners of our Living the New Economy contest.

A sizeable bundle of correct entries were put in a large blue mixing bowl, randomized and then selected. Up for grabs were four sets of tickets to the keynote event at next week’s Living the New Economy conference.

Congratulations to the following four individuals, each of whom win a pair of tickets:

  • Michael Alexander
  • Mike Dror
  • Jason McDougall
  • Lianne Carley

Our super tough, skill-testing question asked entrants to name the Vancouver director who will be sharing the stage with Portland placemaking expert Mark Lakeman during the keynote. The answer is Ian MacKenzie (of Occupy Love fame).

Of course, the Lakeman / Mackenzie keynote event is only a small part of the magic at the Living the New Economy event.  If you haven’t already had a chance to peruse the Living the New Economy webpage, we’d encourage you to take a look. There’s lots of other cool activities taking place over the six days between October 15 and October 20 – all worth checking out. You can get tickets for individual events, day-long passes and more.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter the competition!


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