Posted by: Jessica | March 19, 2014

We’re moving over to the new VPSN website!

Image from Cheuk-man Kong

Image from Cheuk-man Kong

…and lift-off! After lots of meetings, oodles of design discussions and lots and lots of coding, writing and all-around tinkering, our brand-new VPSN website is ready to go. Please bookmark the new site: 

Like a good gathering place, this website is meant to be a space for convergence, dialogue and the sharing of thoughts. We hope you’ll take a stroll, contribute your ideas on Vancouver’s public realm – perhaps sign up for an event or participate in one of our projects. We aim to have something of interest for every public space enthusiast.

This new website replaces our former blog (active since 2010) and an even older website that we had designed back when we started our work in 2006. Over the next few months, we will complete a migration of all material from these earlier sites, including reports, discussion papers and other items. So think of this new site as your one-stop-shop for all things VPSN!

We are indebted to web designer Erika Rathje and programming developer Nicolas Demers for their countless hours of work on this site. These two have been the driving force behind all design and technical considerations – and couldn’t have been more awesome to work with. Thank you Erika and Nicolas!!

The website has also been a labour of love for key members of our communications team, including Jillian Glover, Alissa Sadler, Graham Pollock, Michaela Montaner and our newly minted Comms Coordinator, Jessica Hum.

Please have a look around and let us know what you think. As with any big project like this, there are still tweaks to be made here and there. We invite you to help us ‘iron things out’ and welcome any feedback that you might have.

On behalf of the VPSN team,

Andrew Pask (Director) & Adam Vasilevich (Chair)


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