Posted by: Simon | June 27, 2012

LUNCH MEET begins July 5th on Abbott St.!


Thursday July 5th (every Thursday in July)   .   11:30am – 1:30pm   .    300 block of Abbott St 

LUNCH MEET is a weekly lunchtime street event every Thursday in July. The 300 block of Abbott Street will be transformed into a place for people, with a long table and music provided by local artists.  The initiative is a collaborative place-making venture brought to you by the Vancouver Public Space Network, Space2Place and Viva Vancouver initiative.

Grab a bite to eat from a local business, food cart or bring your own lunch and meet a neighbour, friend or work colleague.

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  1. I don’t know if this is the appropriate place for a comment about this event, but failing any other obvious place…

    Lunch was great. I had a good chat with a stranger across the table, and my daughter had a fun time running about between bites.

    Two pieces of constructive crit:

    1) The poster above verges on unreadable due to the colour choices – white on high-luminosity,saturated, pale blue… bad.

    2) The music was too loud. The conversation I had was strained to rise over the noise, and when I arrived the ends of the table were filled but not the middle, which was exactly where the speakers were aimed. I don’t think that was a coincidence. I only sat there ’cause it was what was left.
    The DJ was clearly enjoying herself – or at lease the music – and that was good, but if the idea is to get out and meet, then music too loud for easy conversation is a bad thing.

    Thanks. See you next week regardeless.

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