Posted by: VPSN | January 29, 2014

Dude Chilling: Park Board staff abide

Dude Chilling Park sign

Dude Chilling Park. Photo by Gary AK

Remember the Dude Chilling sign that was installed, guerilla-style, in Guelph Park? Well it looks like it’s one step closer to becoming a permanent part of the greenspace. A just-released Park Board staff report is recommending this, and the issue will be discussed in detail at the next Board meeting on February 3, 2014.

The sign, using a clever duplication of the traditional Park Board palette, is the handiwork of local artist Victor Briestensky. At the time of its installation in November 2012, news of the guerilla work went quickly viral, and supporters circulated a petition to keep the sign. Over 1,500 signatures were gathered.

Shortly afterward, Park Board commissioners weighed in and asked for a formal consultation. The results of that process, outlined in a staff report, are up for consideration next week. In it, Parks staff write:

“Given the results of the [consultation] process… staff support the installation of the artwork in Guelph Park and also recommend installing a plaque next to the artwork, which includes a brief description of the piece and a reference to the Coast Salish connection to the land. Staff proposed the artwork be sited in its original location, which is adjacent to the sidewalk which will minimize the impact on other uses of the park..”

Which to our minds, is a great recommendation for a well-loved piece of guerrilla art. We hope Park Board Commissioners will agree.


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