Posted by: VPSN | January 21, 2012

Call for expressions of interest – summertime public space place-making with Viva Vancouver


Picnurbia, at the 800-block of Robson Street, Summer 2011.

UPDATE (Jan 23/12): The City has extended the deadline for the first of its two Request for Expressions of Interest processes pertaining to the creation of temporary summertime public spaces.  Seasonal and Recurring/Roaming/On-street applications are now due at the same time – on February 14, 2012. 

Parallel Park, Picnurbia, Laser Graffiti… these were three of a number of temporary public space initiatives funded last summer as part of the City’s Viva Vancouver program.

Maybe you have an idea for something equally cool for the public realm? If so, sharpen your pencils and get planning. The City is now gearing up for a new series of summertime space endeavors and has issued a pair of Request for Expressions of Interest (RFEOI) documents.

The first, due at the end of the month, (now, February 14, 2012)  is for the creation of seasonal public spaces, which are defined as “pedestrian oriented temporary public spaces that are created through the closure of select roadway on a 24-hour basis for an extended duration, ranging from weeks to months.”

The second, due on February 14, is for recurring public spaces, roaming public spaces and on-street murals (in some ways a bit less “fixed” or large-scale than with the first application, but still intended to be mostly site specific). The City’s RFEOI defines these three types of space as:

Roaming public spaces use select roadway to create pedestrian-oriented temporary public spaces that may last from a few hours to a day. [T]hese creative spaces are intended to be experienced by the public as ‘unexpected’ or as ‘spontaneous’…

Recurring public spaces are pedestrian-oriented temporary public spaces that are created through the closure of select roadway for one or two days on a regular weekly basis over a period of three consecutive weeks or more…

An on-street mural is artwork that is painted directly on to the road surface. The mural would provide the neighbourhood with unique art that has distinguished characteristics and/or wayfinding opportunities…[Portland’s CityRepair ‘Intersection Repair‘ initiative is a great example of this sort of thing – ed.]

To apply to create one of these spaces start by reviewing the relevant RFEOI document(s). The application utilizes the City’s standardized procurement form, which is longer and a bit more daunting than the 2011 documents. Take your time to read the questions through carefully.

You can find them here:

Note that the process for applying is different – and a bit more complicated – than with the 2011 round. The RFEOIs are just as they say – an expression of interest. This means that if your idea passes muster (i.e. is well thought out, financially sound and has community support) then you’ll be invited to flesh out the concept as part of a more robust application process.

(If you get stuck, don’t worry. You can contact the ever-helpful Viva team of Jen Sheel or Krisztina Kassay via the City’s Viva website)

Okay public space brainiacs – time to design some awesome summertime interventions. Go to it!


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